Is the OnePlus Nord CE Good As it Says?


One Nation Underoos is the most talked about smartphone by the masses. Till now the first party device from the Chinese giant would be the OnePlus smartphones. The company is in need of some cash to fund its future endeavors and hence they are offering up to 50% discounts on the prices of these two smartphones. There was a heavy demand for this device and so they are slashing the prices so that they can clear a large chunk of the original offer. The two smartphones, in addition to other features, have OxygenOS 3.0 interface, which promises to deliver an experience like no other.

Among the latest devices from the Indian brand, the OnePlus Nords CE and the OnePlus U Ones, the former comes with a neat feature that no other smartphone from India has. The company has launched the very impressive OnePlus Nord CE in India and the OnePlus TV U1s in the country. The highlights of this smartphone include a powerful octa-core processor, a high-end punch-cut screen and a four, 500 MB RAM, dual-core A5 LCD display. It also offers four megapixel cameras on the rear and front-facing camera. The Android ecosystem that comes with the handset is one of the best that you could have ever dreamt of. OnePlus Nord CE

The phone is packed with exciting features, such as the inbuilt c amera, the high definition camera, the pulse oximeter, the heart rate monitor, the USB cable and the fingerprint scanner. The camera offers an automatic picture uploading feature, a great gaming support and a notification LED. The Oxygen OS 3.5 interface helps in managing all your data very smoothly, such as the contacts, the text messages and the emails. The network set up on the OnePlus Nordic CE has been pretty good across all the three networks available in the country, which means that connectivity will not be a problem. The connectivity offered by the company might have made the decision to go with one of these handsets a right one, given the high level of user connectivity it offers.

One of the unique features that the company has launched with the oneplus nord ce is the unique dual SIM card tray. This enables you to use two SIM cards simultaneously, in a situation where one of your SIM cards has been lost or misplaced. The phone also comes with a unique multi-room storage variant that allows you to store large files on the devices, such as movies and music videos. You can also access the data through the web browser using a desktop computer or your mobile internet, without having to get out of your chair.

The multi-room memory is what makes the device very popular and useful, as it can store large files and apps. The camera on the device is another innovation, as it has a built in laser-assisted image capturing system, which ensures that you get clear and quality images. Apart from this, the camera comes with an astounding 5 mega pixel camera, which is a great help when you need to take pictures of your kids or pets, without having to pay extra money for the digital camera. Apart from this, the OnePlus NEXUS Nord CE comes with a heart rate monitor, an inbuilt compass, USB charging port, a front touch screen, a ambient light sensor, a front touch fingerprint sensor, and an inbuilt virtual keyboard. If you are looking for a smartphone that is compact, with all the bells and whistles, the OnePlus Nordic is the best choice that you could have.

This all sounds good, but does the product live up to all its promises? In short, yes! The camera included in the device is one of the most powerful available on the market, and has a lot of impressive features. The dual-tone LED flash, for instance, can capture even the dimmest light. Also, the user interface, while not particularly unique, is very intuitive, allowing for fluid operations when you use the OnePlus Nordic CE.